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Oh Jack, You Shouldn’t Have

3 Aug

Still on (and with no plans to come down from) my recent Cocktail Ring high I about toppled over when I came across these semi-precious beauties from the talented Brazilian-based jeweler Jack Vartanian. The fine elegance combined with an apparent Art Deco element make these baubles perfect for evenings out and undoubtedly abiding.

If you like it, put a ring on it.


Kelly Wearstler, You’re My Hero.

28 Jun

As of late, coffee table books have become my new household obsession. They’re large, glossy, intriguing and make for some awesome decorating elements. More importantly, with the amount of pictures seriously exceeding the amount text you can let your imagination run wild and get lost in the visual element. For months I have been lusting after Kelly Wearstler’s most recent contribution to the wonderful world of books: Hue (following the smashing success of Modern Glamour and Domicilium Decoratus). For less than $50 from the San Luis Obispo downtown Barnes and Noble, I am not sure why in the world I tortured myself for so long. Nevertheless, the coveted pictorial has made its way into my arms and I could not be more thrilled.

What’s to love: Ms. Wearstler has painstakingly dubbed every single color known to man and recorded them in the first two pages of her book…in alphabetical order mind you. Abalone, Flint, Hummingbird, Maraschino, Pollen, Saddle, Zinc… all conveying a personal visual interpretation and evoking the senses.

Look for: The fantastic color combination-themed chapters and decorating elements (many of which have since become available for purchase from here, here and here).

Personal favorite: The first chapter titled Camellia, Wisteria, Vermillion. The decor is everything I want my abode to educe and everything my husband doesn’t.

[Photo courtesy of KWID]

[Photo courtesy of KWID]

[Photo courtesy of KWID]

[Photo courtesy of KWID]

Looking to add a little Kelly into your own home at a fraction of the price (besides acquiring Hue, of course)? Ms. Wearstler’s lovely linen collection is on sale TODAY at Gilt. Don’t delay.


Birthday Wishes

19 Jun

There must have been something in the air during the month of September because it resulted in a large amount of June birthdays. The coming week alone will feature six for some of my dearest friends and family members. So in the spirit of celebration, here is a collection of a few favorite birthday/celebratory items.

The best cupcakes on the Central Coast – Amy Bakes Cupcakes Champagne Mini Cupcake with Raspberry frosting ($32 per two dozen). The perfect size… you can eat five and not feel too guilty for it!

The perfect wrapping paper found on One Kings Lane by That Blue Sky ($19 for 10 sheets).

Kate Spade thank you cards and pencil set…makes writing thank you’s that much more enjoyable.

Fell in love with these gigantor-esque balloons after originally seeing them here and here. Hands down fun-tastic!

Fresh White Peonies make a great birthday bouquet.