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A San Francisco Treat

3 Sep

On a recent trip to San Francisco I found myself spending the majority of my free time wandering up and down Union Street. Sampling the treats, exploring the cute hidden shops, perusing the incredible antique stores… It was the perfect lazy Saturday afternoon. A few things that caught my eye and I cannot wait to see again:

We stepped into this darling little bakery owned by two brothers to grab a bottle of water and ended up chowing down on the best cream puff I’ve had since my mom made her first and last attempt at creating home-made cream puffs over 15 years ago (more recent versions have sadly ended up being the Costco-bought frozen variety). Pacific Puffs located on Union Street is owned and operated by two brothers who noticed an abundance of cupcake joints popping up and decided to utilize Grannie’s tried-but-true Cream Puff recipes resulting in a cute little joint with simply 6 different types of puffs. Suggestion: the “Classic Puff” consisting of a freshly baked choux pastry puff filled with a light and sweet mixture of vanilla custard and whipped cream, then topped with a thick chocolate glaze. Mmmm.

Market flower shops literally adorn every single corner along Union Street, and the selections are always lovely.

By far some of the yummiest fish tacos I have ever had from Nettie’s Crab Shack in San Francisco – it was the two different types of salsa that made these oh-so-delish. Although my all-time favorite still remains: the grilled fish tacos from Pier 46 Seafood in Templeton, CA.

Scrumptious little “Christopher Elbow” Lemon Marmalade chocolate topped with a White Chocolate Lemon Ganache by artisan chocolate company Cocoa Bella. There was so many to choose from it was hard to pick just one.

Fell in love with this lone green bench overlooking the San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. Until next time San Francisco.


Take Three, Honey

18 Aug

Last year someone was kind enough to give my office a sampling of these treats from the Brown Butter Cookie Company and since I have become a total fan! Hand-rolled, brown butter cookies each lovingly topped with a pinch of sea salt? Yes, please! How could it become more delightful? Well the company is locally based in Cayucos, ran by two sisters and has a sweet following of retailers in the area. If you can’t make it to Cayucos, be sure to stop by 7 Sisters Trading Company in Santa Margarita and pick up a batch. How sweet it is.

Sunday Eats: Easter Sweets

4 Apr

While preparing a dinner for two every Sunday evening can be such a joy, sometimes it is even more wonderful to have someone else cook for you…and that is why I love Holidays. A special occasion is the perfect excuse to NOT cook while enjoying family at the same time.

This evening I have no idea what will be on the Easter menu as I will be making a trip to my in-laws in the Village of Arroyo Grande (not much of a trip) and they will surely be cooking up something delectable.

Nevertheless, one must always contribute to the family gathering and today I whipped up some lovely, spring-like strawberry and buttercream frosting cupcakes (complete with edible glitter sprinkles from Michael’s Crafts in Paso Robles). Inspiration was drawn from the likes of Amy Bakes Cupcakes (although I did not come close to the perfection of the scrumptious cupcakes from Miss Amy) and Miss Emily Schuman from Cupcakes and Cashmere.