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Saving Face

28 Jul

Don’t let the dismal gloom otherwise known as our current Central Coast summer fool you, a great sunscreen is still a daily necessity. Over the years I have tried many… some unflatteringly greasy and some I swear just did not work (a full day of constant sunscreen application resulting in a lovely tomato-esque hue doesn’t make me a believer).

So when my Skincare Goddess Criss Pisa suggested the Epicuren Suncare line I thought ‘why not?’

As a daily defense she suggested the uber light weight SPF 15 Silk Mist, great for almost every skin type under the sun, pun intended. This spray sunscreen has special technology that prevents the sunscreen agents from coming into direct contact with the skin. A protective layer lightly resting on top of your skin… yes, please!

Also of note is the SPF 45 X-Treme Cream. The name implies a thick clay-like masque but the product proves otherwise. It smells wonderful, works like a charm and also doubles as an after-sun facial treatment.

Grab a bottle (from the lovely Tigerlily Salon in downtown San Luis Obispo). Apply. And then keep your fingers crossed the sun comes out to play! Enjoying the Mid State Fair at a chilly 65 degrees is just plain wrong.