Go Sew Yourself

26 Jul

We all have a little creativity hidden deep within and while it may come natural for some, others flee into a panicked abyss replaying the horrific moment you were forced to create the cotton ball snowman in the third grade.

Don’t fret, the lovely ladies at Birch Organic Cotton Fabrics in downtown Paso Robles will provide you with the tools you need and get your creativity wheels turning again. From designer fabrics to their own custom line and all the sewing tools in between (thread, zippers and sweet patterns by the likes of Amy Butler) you will surely be set.

For those ready to tackle projects but need a little guidance, sign up for one of the many new sewing classes (you bring the machine, they provide you with the materials and you leave with a finished product…voila!):

  • Pretty Little Cosmetics Bag – August 7th @ 12PM, $45pp
  • Baby Steps Quilt – August 14th and 21st @ 12PM, $105pp

Future classes include baby shower gifts (so appropriate considering something recently made its way into the water system, turning every woman in San Luis Obispo county into fertile myrtle), tote bags, potholders, aprons and a-line skirts.

Get your sew on.


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