Love. Wear. Return.

14 Jul

The greatest thing about Las Vegas is that anything goes…anything. Because of this unwritten but widely understood rule, I constantly have the desire to step out of my hotel room dressed head to toe in pure decadence. And while I try my best to pull out all the stops, my budget remains a looming restraint.

Enter in RentTheRunway.Com – the newest addition to the fashion rental world. What I love about the site is the designer and couture duds I lust after, would save years to afford and then likely only wear once or twice are available for a four day rental at a fraction of the price…and by fraction, I mean practically nothing. For example, this lust-worthy Halston Heritage piece – most known for its appearance on Carrie Bradshaw in SATC2 – is available for rent for a mere $50 (regularly $495)!

Even better, the kind folks at InStyle Magazine have teamed up with RentTheRunway.Com to offer readers 20% off…on top of the already smashing low prices.

Love it. Wear it. Return it… Guilt-free.


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