Viva La Voyage

12 Jul

The joys of packing for a favorite destination is just that…a pure joy. I leave for Las Vegas in a few short days (they just don’t seem to pass quickly enough) & my number one to-do is to pack. But what would typically seem a daunting task is not. I carefully pull, admire and lust over all the incredible Vegas-esque duds I have acquired over the years then figure out how to best fold, hang and stuff them into several lovely luggage pieces. The goal here is to pack efficiently and neatly, then to arrive in style.

My must haves for Sin City summer travel:

1. Several years ago I cam across the most fantastic set of Diane Von Furstenberg luggage from our local TJ Maxx. The elegance of these traveling pieces make it that much more fun when jet setting! I continue to stop in from time to time and peruse the luggage selection and see if I can add to my DVF collection.

2. A scarf is an absolute travel must (use as a blanket, wrap around hair, etc). I am currently obsessing over this Alexander McQueen.

3. These cute Rebecca Minkoff pouches double as transportation for your costume jewelry during the day then transition wonderfully into clutches during the evening!

4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. And do so from an eco-friendly, gilded vessel such as this SIGG.

5. “Any of you boys seen an aircraft carrier around here?” You cannot go wrong with these classic, eternally and universally fashionable Ray Ban Aviators. Ms. Garcia – I could not agree more!

6. I use my travel time to catch up on my reading – books, magazines, whatever it may be. However I hate using my purse as a carryall for these goods (which tend to be bulky) so this Anya Hindmarch magazine tote should do the trick just fine!

Viva Las Vegas!


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