Fields of Gold

10 Jun

In February I sat down and did some scrupulous spring cleaning…this included my old, haven’t-been-worn-in-over-two-years-duds (I am a firm believer in that if you haven’t put it on in two years it doesn’t belong in your closet wasting space, unless it happens to be an awesome costume). I instantly knew several of the items would never make the cut so they were lovingly taken to the Goodwill where I bid them farewell, the rest were carefully hung and taken to Finders Keepers in downtown San Luis Obispo to be put on a consignment. Three months later (aka last week) I received a phone call from the darling girls at Finders Keepers explaining that my consignment check and unsold items needed to be picked up. When I arrived I immediately fell in love with this chunky, multi-strand, Roman-esque bracelet from New York based designer, Yochi NY ($44). That’s the great thing about consignment shops, you can take your earnings, turnaround and buy something fresh.

How to wear: layer with additional bracelets of varying gold tones or a masculine, oversized gold watch.

Finders Keepers – 1124 Garden Street – San Luis Obispo, CA. – 805.545.9879


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