Mid Year Crisis

1 Jun

Every passing New Year I admirably determine my resolutions and then work like hell trying to maintain them. By summertime, all those fantastic resolutions go flying out the window. So today, being June 1st and the half way mark to the finish line for the year, I am reinstating my 2010 resolutions and making a few adjustments to some previously flawed ones.

 (Some of the most darling banners I have ever seen!)

  • Be kind(er) to the environment. For the days I simply cannot pass up a Chai Tea Latte (from either of my two local hot spots: Joebella Coffee Roasters  in Templeton or Seaside Café in Shell Beach) I will fill up in these darling porcelain coffee mugs recently purchased for $9.99 each from the Paso Robles Target. FYI – many coffee houses such as Joebella Coffee Roasters will knock $0.10 off your coffee for bringing in your own mug.
  • Continue exploring the art of cooking, but do so realistically. Yes, the Filo Tartlets with Seared Duck and Tomato-Sesame Chutney may sound fabulous, but after a long day at work the reality is that this dish will not turn out well, nor in a timely matter. So I will persevere in my culinary adventures by finding easier and faster recipes to conquer such as my Grandmother’s Colachi from a recently gifted, 1978 Best of Nipomo cookbook.


  • Save face. I will wear my sunscreen. Every. Single. Day. And when I am frolicking in the water, I will wear waterproof sunscreen. Every. Single. Time (recently learned this lesson the hard and painful way). Moreover, I will not pick, poke, prod and pluck at my face…instead I will save that for my expert.

My fingers are crossed these revised resolutions last til 2011.


One Response to “Mid Year Crisis”

  1. Victoria F-G Berkwits June 2, 2010 at 5:47 am #

    Greatjob Alli. Send me your e-mail address and I will send you come simple and wonderful recipes! Are you still looking for Maria Antoinette champagnes? I know just where to look for them and cheap!

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