Classically Delish

28 Apr

“Champagne is one of those drinks that’s always special. Nothing gives sparkle to an occasion like a flute filled with delicious champagne. I love serving it at parties, especially when guests are first arriving and settling in.” – Kate Spade

There are several versions of the Classic Champagne Cocktail – some with orange twists, some with cognac (such as this recipe from Martha) and some without the Bitters. My personal favorite is as follows:

Soak (1) sugar cube in Blood Orange Bitters (such as Regan’s brand…available at BevMo for less than $5) for a couple minutes.

Drop the Bitters-soaked cube into the champagne flute and fill with bubbly. Be mindful of the fizz as the sugar cube can cause the bubbles to spill over the top. Garnish with a lemon twist.

This is one of the few champagne cocktails where the flavor of the bubbly itself really matters (unlike with the crowd favorite Mimosa). For a local bubbly try the Laetitia Brut de Blancs, a dry sparkling Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay blend with floral aromas and notes of lemon meringue.

Champagne. A tried ‘n true party standard that is always in style.


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