24 Apr

I cannot even begin to describe the shock that overcame me when I stepped into the Paso Robles Target several days ago and instantly saw the Zac Posen sign to my right. Countless questions were running through my mind – “was my internal calendar completely off?”, “had I somehow missed the memo of an early release?”, “was this some sort of a cruel joke?”

Nope. As luck had it the Paso Robles Target received their shipment of the highly coveted Zac Posen for Target line, missed the memo on the April 25th release date and (like proactive employees) set up shop four days ahead of schedule. You can’t knock ‘em for trying to be efficient.

I stood in amazement, looking to my left and right to see if any other Target shoppers had spotted what I had just spotted. The beautifully designed, larger-than-life pieces were untouched, hanging perfectly in order. Some I had seen from the press room release, some I had seen in various ads and some I had never seen before!

I was instantly drawn to the cherry lollipop-red suede and leather cropped biker jacket, the fuchsia wrap dress and the streamlined black and midnight blue tuxedo jacket. But I could not bear to walk away from the oh-so-versatile, multitalented, black and midnight blue 2-in-1 ruffle dress ($79.99), as seen below.

But what the picture above does not show is the beautiful colors, the detail and the craftsmanship put into this piece. Plus the ruffled skirt is detachable and slightly transparent (would look amazing over a black and white striped skirt). I can hardly wait to begin playing with this new find!

The dress/skirt combo came with this darling pictorial of its versatility (in case you couldn’t figure it out).

Hats off to Zac!


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