Let’s Go Antiquing

15 Apr

There is a girlfriend of mine who I refer to as the Antiquities Queen. From local antique hot spots to Rose Bowl Flea Market expeditions, she covers a lot of territory and always comes home with the most fabulous finds. So when she told me of her recent treasure-hunting success in downtown Paso Robles, I immediately inquired. She responded with “Great American Antiques Mall.”

I have been looking forward to stopping in and finally had the opportunity this week. What I love about antique stores are the myriad of hidden rooms and spaces filled with treasure upon treasure, and the Great American Antiques Mall is no exception.

And even better, the oh-so-friendly staff greets you with “sweetie” and “honey” and is more than willing to help you dig to find exactly what you’re looking for (and trust me, I found what I was looking for but will save that for another post).

These postcards are fantastic and very amusing.

I easily could have spent hours within the trove but was sadly limited to my one-hour lunch break. Nevertheless, the place is overflowing with amazing finds and I can hardly wait to make a repeat visit.  

Great American Antiques Mall •1305 Spring Street • Paso Robles, CA 805.239.1203


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