For the Truly Damaged and Terribly Thirsty

30 Mar

I love discovering new beauty products. I love trying new beauty products. And even more, I love getting to do so for no cost.

Enter in Nicole Starlings (my oh-so-talented hairstylist for the past 11 years) of Tigerlily Salon who of course continues to sweep me off my feet with her skill and charm. What makes Nicole even more remarkable – besides the countless, fantastic haircuts – is the special extra’s she dishes out to her loyal customers from time to time as a thank you for their support.

Today Nicole was kind enough to offer me a complimentary masque treatment from the brand spankin’ new and highly anticipated Bumble and bumble line: Wear and Care (treatments for hair).

Mending, for the “truly damaged” and Quenching, for the “terribly thirsty.” Apparently I was looking fairly parched, so Nicole began with a rinse (with the sweetly scented Quenching Shampoo and Conditioner), applied the Quenching Masque, wrapped me up and let me sit for 10 minutes. She then applied a small amount of the Quenching Complex (to smooth, seal in moisture and renew shine) prior to my blow dry.

Tigerlily Salon in downtown San Luis Obispo is fully stocked and ready to fulfill all mending and quenching needs.

  • Shampoo – $28
  • Conditioner – $31
  • Complex – $33
  • Masque –   $36

Consensus: my hair smells wonderful, is incredibly soft but not at all weighed down. I feel like I can take on the world, one filled with curling irons, up-dos, braids and flat-irons. Thank you, Nicole.

Nicole Starlings • Tigerlily Salon • 670 Higuera Street, Suite D

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 • 805.541.9911



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