Q&A: Esthetician Extraordinaire

27 Mar

Paid a visit to Crissa Pisa of Tigerlily Salon in downtown San Luis Obispo (was on the verge of sporting some unsightly, seriously overgrown hair in the brow region) this week and conducted a little Q&A.

AA: How long have you been in the game (Esthetician game that is)?

CP: 14 years now.

AA: And how did this all begin for you?

CP: After a brief stint at an insurance company, I was hired as a Spa Assistant to a local salon in downtown San Luis Obispo. I absolutely fell in love with the job and the atmosphere. After a few months of assisting I enrolled in beauty college in Northern California, gained my degree and came back to San Luis Obispo to work full-time as an Esthetician.

AA: I realize that Tigerlily Salon offers a wide range of skin care services, from waxing to facial treatments to lash tinting. What is your personal specialty?

CP: Facial treatments. Definitely facial treatments.

AA: What is your favorite service to receive at Tigerlily Salon?

CP: Chemical Peels.

AA: Why?

CP: I enjoy a clean slate.

AA: And to give?

CP: I love performing an Echo2 Oxygen Facial. It is very nourishing, jammed packed with vitamins, versatile and works well with many different skin types. Plus it is very, very relaxing for the clients.

AA: What is the most common mistake made by your clients when it comes to skin care?

CP: You would be shocked to learn how many people fail to wash their faces twice a day. You must wash your face in the morning and before you go to bed. There is no excuse.

AA: Any other skin care tips?

CP: As repetitive as it may seem, you have to drink lots of water. It is amazingly obvious when a client has not been consuming enough water. Oh, and do not forget to exfoliate several times a week.

AA: What product line do you use here at Tigerlily Salon?

CP: Epicuren, and it is wonderful!

AA: What sets you apart as an Esthetician?

CP: I was once told that you are only as good as the service you give. And with service, I mean customer service. I could be the best Esthetician on the planet but if I do not treat my clients exceptionally well, I cannot expect to retain them as clients. I love what I do, and I want my clients to love what they are receiving…even if it is a bikini wax! I have tried to create a very relaxing space in my studio here at Tigerlily Salon, but it goes beyond that. For me it is all about the details.

(inject AA comment – and the space is adorable! Peony pink and sweet pea green don the walls, a darling crystal chandelier hangs from ceiling, the scent of a calming candle, soothing music softly playing in the background, and fantastic black and white photos of old world Hollywood starlets such as Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe are artfully displayed.)

AA: You talk about details…explain further.

CP: I have one client who insists on covering her face with a towel while receiving a rather invasive waxing treatment…so each time before she arrives, I prep the studio and lay a hand towel on the bed ready for her. She is always appreciative.

AA: Any aspirations as an Esthetician?

CP: I would love to create my own soy-based wax.

AA: Why soy based?

CP: Soy is incredibly gentle and soothing on the skin, as opposed to many commonly used wax products.

AA: Lastly, if there was anything else you could be, besides an Esthetician, what would that be (wacky dreams are perfectly acceptable)?

CP: A contemporary furniture designer! No joke!

Crissa Pisa, Esthetician • Tigerlily Salon • 670 Higuera Street, Suite D 

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 • 805.541.9911


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