Bel Frites, Part Deux

24 Mar

A couple weeks ago I wrote about a little favorite eatery of mine in downtown San Luis Obispo, Bel Frites  (read it here). Well, I stopped in today to grab a quick lunch in between meetings (yes, I realize Belgian fries do not constitute a healthy meal) and spent my peaceful 15 minute lunch break gazing at the awesomely adorable customer comment board.

The gentleman working this afternoon explained to me that the point of the customer comment board was for locals to jot down their favorite fry and dipping sauce pairings to share with all Bel Frites visitors. However, it has turned into more of a late night doodling contest…and I must say I am smitten!

A few personal favorites:

Bel Frites receives approximately 100 comment cards each week and of course these cards are rotated routinely.

By far the best:

“nom, nom” is a household line with my hubby.

Bel Frites – 1127 Garden Street – San Luis Obispo, CA – 805.784.0422


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