Luck of the…

17 Mar

St. Patrick’s Day has arrived. I am planning on spending the evening not in a drunken stupor among the masses but rather studying for my graphic design midterm and eating Irish Stew with my parents (hubby is gone on a boy’s trip). Now if there was no midterm looming, my husband was in town and I had a little more time on my hands, I would use the occasion to throw an Irish themed dinner party for a close group of friends (of Irish descent of course)! Party plans as follows:

Eat: a chilled pea soup with a garnish of spring pea shoots and spinach pasta with walnut pesto sauce (thank you Kate Spade for the suggestion).

Indulge: the kelly green and stark white cupcakes in the grocery stores look disgusting. Go for something darling and well made instead, such as Amy Bakes Cupcakes. Her Rose Petal Pistachio and Matcha Green Tea Vegan cupcakes would be perfect!

Use: any white and emerald green china you can get your hands on…raid your Grandmother’s china cabinet, she is sure to have something spectacular.

Sip: Irish Knight Cocktail by Owen Thomson because the green beer and Bushmill’s isn’t doing it for you anymore.

Watch: P.S. I Love You with Gerard Butler (who is Scottish, but who cares)…need I say more?

And because I am not overly thrilled with the Holiday, here are a few of my favorite Irish-inspired things to help get me in the mood:

One of my favorite Irish families….my own! My Mother was one of nine children in the Fitz-Gerald family! Such an awesome photo, a big thanks to my cousin Carissa for digging this one out of the archives.

I still want a pair of these Hunter Wellies so bad!

Will use for all my planning needs when I make the trip…some day!


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