Locally Supportive

8 Mar

I came across an article and community initiative today from our local wine country alliance to promote shopping our locally owned businesses and stores. There is such a great assortment of shops and businesses to provide one with everything you could ever need. Why?

  1. Shopping local creates jobs
  2. Local independent businesses invest more in our community
  3. Local businesses sell a wide range of products
  4. Shopping local saves you time and money
  5. Shopping local retains our community
  6. Shopping local retains our distinctiveness
  7. Shopping local encourages community growth
  8. Shopping local invests in community services and city economy
  9. Local shops value you more

Items possibly needed (and maybe previously assumed they could not be found here):

Designer and Contemporary Clothing – granted Santa Barbara is at the forefront, we still have some wonderful local shops carrying fantastic, only seen in the city brands around the tri-counties. Find Elizabeth and James at Coverings in downtown San Luis Obispo, Nanette Lepore at Ambiance in downtown San Luis Obispo and Vintage Chanel at Finders Keepers, also in downtown San Luis Obispo.

Art – local artists are plentiful in this neck of the woods. Current favorite: Adam Liscko from San Miguel and his eerily stunning colorscapes.

Farm to table food – there is no discussion here. If you haven’t been to one of our local farmers markets, we have a problem.

There is so much more…this may warrant several blog entries.


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