Local Finds

5 Mar

Busy weekend ahead. Brunch with a girlfriend, bridal shower, an attempt to squeeze in laundry folding, birthday party, bachelorette party and a shopping trip to Santa Barbara. On a Friday evening, one hour before the downtown San Luis Obispo shops closed, I was certain I could complete the  task on hand prior to the commencement of the crazy weekend – find the perfect bridal shower gift. How? We have one of the most sophisticated, tempting lingerie shops in the area and the ladies are always ready to help you pick the perfect gift for yourself, or anyone else for that matter. But be warned, when shopping for a gift it is nearly impossible to leave the store without craving something for yourself.

Case in point: an entire new collection arrived today from Carol Malony Haute and Signature Lingerie  and as (the adorable) owner Farani Siroonian phrases it, the collection is “positively delicious.”

Tulle, detachable pom-poms, chiffon, contrasting colored silk ribbons…the deliciousness will not last long.

La Rouge Boutique – 736 Higuera Street – San Luis Obispo, CA – 805.541.8200


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