Vino – How the Pros Do It

3 Mar

Came across this tongue-in-cheek video today from my beloved Daily Candy and while the darling video was most enjoyable, I was more amused by the description of the video (particularly the bad wine and Spencer Pratt reference):

“You should like your wine how you like your men: full-bodied, fragrant, mature, and sweet on the tongue. So how come you keep drinking the vino equivalent of Spencer Pratt? Stop settling….”

Easy Does It: How to Drink Wine Like a Pro

So, it got me thinking about our own local wine industry. With over 200 wineries and 1000’s of wines in Paso Robles alone (does not even include those in San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria Valley, Santa Ynez and Santa Barbara Wine Country) it can be overwhelming. Luckily we have some great local wine bars equipped with great wine buyers to fulfill your cravings and show you how to do it right – drink wine that is.

Gather Wine Bar – Village of Arroyo Grande

Why: Owner Kari Ziegler does a terrific job featuring local winemakers on Wednesdays and live music from local artists.

Monterey Street Wine Company – Downtown San Luis Obispo

Why: Great retail wine selection, wines by the glass at the bar and vast assortment of artisanal cheeses. Yum!

Central Coast Wines – Downtown San Luis Obispo

Why: Thursday night’s winery features plus Downtown Farmer’s Market – doesn’t get any better.

15 Degrees C – Templeton

Why:  Thursday night wine and food pairings by Maegen Loring of the Neon Carrot – an absolute must!

You will not be drinking the vino equivalent of Spencer Pratt with the help of these local spots and pros.



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