Hello Sunshine

16 Feb

In California we are extremely fortunate to have wonderful weather all year long…and even more so on the Central Coast! Did you know the CC has some of the most consistent weather in the world?!?!?! Well, the last month has been a little exception to that trend. We were blasted with a glut of rain, wind and even some hail. So now that the rain has gone (don’t misconstrue, we’ve been in a drought for three years and desperately need the rain, but a surplus in a short period of time can really screw up a girl’s wardrobe) and the sun is shining (it was a lovely 78 degrees today), I am more than ready to bring out some fun, spring outfits.

This outfit is a perfect blend of some key, spring trends and elements that I have been dying to wear: the toughness of military combined with the feminine charm of mounds of ruffles, all balanced by a monochromatic beige tone.

The look is accentuated with minimal jewelry (with a full, over-the-top skirt such as this, one does not need mounds of jewels) on the wrist: a dainty single gold and crystal bangle from Banana Republic in downtown San Luis Obispo and a chunkier wood and crystal beaded bracelet from J. Crew in Santa Barbara.

On the foot: the perfect nude heel by Rubert Sanderson (found for 50% off during a http://www.net-a-porter.com sale).

In the hand: another great find from the downtown San Luis Obispo Banana Republic, a beige leather clutch with metal detailing for $18!

Jacket: Patrick Robinson for Target, Spring 2007, purchased from the Paso Robles’ Target.

Blouse: Old Navy, San Luis Obispo.

Skirt: (the crown jewel of this ensemble) by Millau purchased from LF on State Street in downtown Santa Barbara.

A huge thank you to my remarkable husband who endured my squealing excitement as I noticed the skirt in the store front (all I pictured was Carrie Bradshaw from SATC’s title sequence), patiently waited for me as I tried it on, and then happily purchased the skirt for me even though it was more “cute” than “sexy”. Thank you, honey.

Here’s to hoping this weather carries on!


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