The great (sandy) outdoors…

12 Feb

There is nothing I enjoy more than a quick vacation with a dash of adventure and camping always delivers! I arrived near the Mexican border today, husband and mini dachshund in tow, more than ready to sit outside, catch up on my favorite reads, listen to some music and play.

Bella (our darling mini dachshund) posing in the desert

This certainly will not be the most glamorous V-Day vacation (camping typically never is) but I have packed the essentials to get me through:

  • My choice fashion and lifestyle magazines (I rarely have time enough for books and routinely only scan the magazines during my late night workouts) including the latest editions of Elle (Keira Knightley’s outfit on the cover is so classically menswear chic) and Santa Barbara Magazine (covering everything lifestyle from one of my beloved local cities).
  • iPod nano (a recent stocking stuffer and in the loveliest metallic hot pink). Currently enjoying Ingrid Michaelson and Colbie Caillat. Definitely Black Eyed Peas with a little Aerosmith once we are out playing in the sand.
  • Havaianas for day and Uggs for night. A must for camping in a barren desert known for outlandishly hot days and freezing nights.  Takken’s in downtown San Luis Obispo is my destination for anything Ugg.
  • Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch 100+ Sunblock! I’m in the desert…no shade…need I say more?
  • Cheap and overly fruity Italian sparkling wine from Martini & Rossi Asti (only $11 at Vons and sweet enough for us to both enjoy…plus it’s Valentine’s Day weekend)!
  • Ray-Ban Cats are my go-to sunglasses for camping (frankly they are my go-to sunglasses for any occasion). The Cats are similar to the Wayfarer style but a little slimmer on the sides, larger in the frame and stunning in my opinion.

Four days and three nights in the desert…mmmm. Definitely no SJP but still loving it!

Sex and the City 2 - Desert Oasis - They all look down right fabulous!


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